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City of Northfield, Gateway to the Shore
City of Northfield, Gateway to the Shore

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The area targeted by the mosquito ground spray scheduled for Tuesday, September 17 in Northfield has been expanded. The spray will be conducted between 4 AM and 6:30 AM, weather permitting, and will include the area bounded by New Rd., Oakcrest Ave., Leeds Ave., Marita Ann Dr., Oak Ave., Burroughs Ave., Zion Rd. and Mill Rd.


The Atlantic County Office of Mosquito Control has scheduled a ground spray for a portion of Northfield as part of the county’s ongoing efforts to control adult mosquitoes and reduce the spread of mosquito-borne illness.

The Northfield ground spray application will take place, weather permitting, between 4 AM and 6:30 AM on Tuesday, September 17. The area to be treated is bounded by New Road, Central Avenue, Oak Avenue, Burroughs Avenue, Zion Road and Mill Road.
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beginning Monday, September 16 and continuing for approximately three weeks, a detour will be in effect in the southbound lane of Shore Road between Mill Road in Northfield and Central Avenue in Linwood, 7 AM – 3 PM weekdays, weather permitting, for utility work by the New Jersey American Water Co. The northbound lane will remain open to traffic.

Motorists are advised to follow the posted detour and allow extra time for travel or seek an alternate route. Police and traffic directors will be on site to assist.
Please monitor traffic advisories on the County's website for updates.

We have been notified by New Jersey American Water that they will begin routine flushing of the water distribution system in Northfield on all streets west of New Road beginning September 16, 2019, for approximately 2 weeks.

Flushing will occur overnight, between the hours of 12am and 7am and is done to ensure that customers continue to receive high-quality water service, and allows the water company to monitor and maintain fire hydrants.

When crews are working in your area, you may notice reduced pressure or discolored water. If your water is discolored, run the cold water only at the lowest level of the house for about 3 to 5 minutes so that it clears before using. Repeat this flushing step once or twice within an hour as necessary until the water clears.

New Jersey American Water customers also have the option to be updated on the local flushing schedule via phone call, text or email by enrolling in New Jersey American Water’s CodeRED customer notification system at

If you have already signed up for this service, you will receive a CodeRED notification. For more information visit, and select Alert Notifications

On Friday, 9/13/2019 from 9am-4pm, the southbound lane of Route 9 in the City of Northfield will be CLOSED from Cedar Bridge Road to Ridgewood Drive. Southbound traffic will be detoured as follows:

• West on Cedar Bridge Road
• South on Oak Avenue
• East on Ridgewood Drive

Beginning Monday, 9/15/2019, through Friday, 9/20/2019 from 9am-4pm, the southbound lane of Route 9 in the City of Northfield will be CLOSED from Mill Road to Cedar Bridge Road. Southbound traffic will be detoured as follows:

• West on Mill Road
• Southwest on Zion Road
• South on Oak Avenue
• East on Cedar Bridge Road

On all dates, work will be suspended from 2:45pm-3:15pm in anticipation of heavier traffic volume during dismissal at the Northfield Community School.

WHEREAS, New Jersey is in the midst of a life-threatening opioid abuse epidemic; and

WHEREAS, the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey has designated October 6, 2019 as Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day – an initiative with a dual purpose: to educate families of the addictive qualities of opioid pain medicines and their link to heroin abuse rates in New Jersey, and communicate to physicians information on safer prescribing messages found in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for prescribing opiates, which include considering other therapies, setting realistic treatment goals with patients and discussing with patients the pros and cons of opioids; and

WHEREAS, the State Senate and General Assembly jointly resolved that October 6 shall be permanently designated as “Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day” in New Jersey in order to raise awareness about the dangers of, and the link between, opioid abuse and heroin addiction and to educate health care providers, community leaders, State lawmakers and members of the public about the opioid abuse epidemic and its effects throughout the State of New Jersey and across the country; and

WHEREAS, Join Together Atlantic County (JTAC) supports initiatives designed to raise awareness about opiate abuse in New Jersey and take steps to prevent addiction

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Common Council of the City of Northfield that October 6, 2019 be recognized as “Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day” in the City of Northfield, New Jersey.

On Monday, September 9 and continuing through September, an alternating lane traffic pattern will remain in effect on Mill Road in Northfield, between Philmar Drive and Mazza Drive, 7 AM – 3:30 PM weekdays, weather permitting, for county road work.

Motorists may experience minor delays and should plan travel time accordingly or seek an alternate route.
Click here for a complete list of traffic advisories on or impacting county roadways

Using grant funding provided through the NJ Clean Communities Entitlement Program, the City of Northfield is pleased to announce an organized pick up event that will allow residents to place household renovation debris, to include doors, windows, fencing, cabinets, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, scrap wood, etc. out for collection on their regular trash day Octobr 21st through October 25th only. The next scheduled household renovation debris collection will be in spring 2020.

This program is not open to contractors; contractors doing work on residential homes are responsible for removing and disposing of construction debris and/or trade waste at their expense.

Residents are asked to adhere to the following guidelines:

• Separate these items from your regular trash
• Each household will have a 3 item or can limit (in addition to your regular trash)
• Cans cannot be larger than 40 gallons; 50 pound weight limit for cans or individual items
• No hazardous materials, such as paint, solvents, pool chemicals, flammable liquids, etc.
• Broken glass or items with sharp or jagged edges shall be placed in a secure container to facilitate safe loading
If you have questions or concerns please contact the ACUA at 272-6950, or the City Clerk’s Office at 641-2832 x 125.

County of Atlantic, Press Release, September 5, 2019

Atlantic County Reports Additional Positive West Nile Virus Mosquito Samples

Two additional mosquito samples have tested positive for West Nile Virus according to the Atlantic County Division of Public Health. These samples were found at the Lawrence “Bud” Kern Field in Somers Point and in the 500 block of Ridgewood Drive in Northfield. Both were confirmed positive on September 4.

Previous positive samples were collected from Zion Road in Northfield in July and Horton Street in Hammonton in August.

County public health and mosquito control officials are conducting mosquito surveillance, implementing additional control measures and providing educational materials to area residents and businesses.

Atlantic County Public Health Officer Patricia Diamond said it was not unusual to find positive samples at this time of year but encouraged residents to reduce their exposure to mosquito bites with the following tips:

* Use an insect repellent whenever going outdoors. Repellents are an important tool to assist people in protecting themselves from mosquito-borne diseases. The Centers for Disease Control recommends the use of products containing active ingredients which have been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use as repellents applied to skin and clothing and approved for efficacy and human safety when applied as directed. Be sure to follow product directions carefully and consult with your child’s doctor prior to using on children.

* Rid properties of mosquito breeding grounds by draining standing water. Mosquitoes do not travel far from where they breed. Buckets, bird baths, flower pots and other containers can hold water and provide an ideal environment for mosquitoes. Be sure to empty these containers regularly.

* Clean clogged gutters; check and repair screen doors.

Use the link provided for more information or call the Division of Public Health at (609) 645-5971.

If you need assistance in removing stagnant puddles or floodwater from your property, call the Office of Mosquito Control at (609) 645-5948.
Click here to visit the Atlantic County Web site

The ACUA, through the Atlantic County Clean Communities Program, is offering a $500 grant for creative litter prevention ideas in Atlantic County.

The grant application is open to schools, organizations, groups and individuals looking to join us in tackling this challenge. Examples include, but are not limited to, using educational campaigns, artwork, technology or other means to bring attention to and help prevent litter in our community.

Grant submissions are due by October 1, 2019.
Click here for more information and the application

The ACUA has announced that they recently installed a shredded paper drop-off container at their Egg Harbor Township Environmental Park for residents to recycle their shredded material.

Shredded paper cannot be collected curbside because it is too small to be processed at the ACUA sorting facility, and bags of the material are often torn or damaged during collection, releasing small pieces of paper that cannot be collected.

When collected separately in the specially designated bin, the shredded paper is contained and can be baled for recycling.

Information on drop-off is available on their website using the link provided here.
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The Atlantic County Board of Elections is looking for registered voters in Atlantic County to work the polls on election days - are you interested? Check this out!
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Warning: Telemarketing Scam - Social Security
Please see the attached letter from County Executive Dennis Levinson regarding a telemarketing scam targeting senior citizens.

Please be reminded not to provide your Social Security number, name, address, date of birth, bank accounts, etc. to an unsolicited caller.
Click here for Letter from County Executive Levinson

In order to promote and encourage residential recycling in the City of Northfield, Mayor Chau has once again presented his Annual Recycling Cart Contest! Two lucky winners, one per month in August and September, to be drawn at random for a chance to win an ACUA 95 gallon recycling cart!

Entry forms are available in the City Clerk’s Office, or can be requested by contacting the City Clerk at 609-641-2832 ext 125 for additional information.

Entry forms must be submitted to the City Clerk in person or sent by postal service mail to 1600 Shore Road, Northfield NJ 08225. Fax or email entries will not be accepted.

Only Northfield private residents are eligible to participate in this contest. Businesses are not eligible to participate.

The entry form must contain the name of the property owner or tenant of record for the Northfield residential address provided on the entry form.

One entry per household per month.

There will be only (1) ONE Winner drawn. Entry forms for the month of August are due August 12th, with the winner drawn at the City Council Meeting on August 13th.

If you submitted an entry in August but did not win, your entry will not be included in the drawing for September, you must re-enter.

Entry forms must be complete in order to be considered. Incomplete entries will not be considered.

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority recycling cart will be delivered to the winner’s Northfield residential address provided on the entry form.

Upon the delivery and receipt of the recycling cart, the winner will become the sole owner. The City will not be responsible and liable for any future damage, stolen/lost, maintenance, storage, of the container.


Rules for contest

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2019 Classic Car Show
The Northfield Volunteer Fire Company will be holding their 4th Annual Classic Car Show on Sunday, October 6, 2019. Please see the flyer for more information or contact Liz at 609-517-8538.

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