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Cooler temperatures and the approach of winter used to signal the end of trout fishing, but not in New Jersey. Yep, that's right, Birch Grove Park is still stocked twice a year, with the next stocking right around the corner!

Use the link provided to visit the NJDEP's Fish and Wildlife Winter Stocking Program Schedule Page - happy fishing!

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Fall street sweeping will take place October 7th through October 18th. Please see plan and map for more information.
Click here for plan and map

The New Jersey Office of the Secretary of State has recently announced grant opportunities for counties looking to ensure a complete count for the 2020 Census.

The grant program will ensure that New Jersey is fairly and accurately represented in the 2020 Census. A complete count can be accomplished by encouraging a full participation of hard-to-count (HTC) populations through active outreach efforts. Those in the special target populations considered HTC include but are not limited to: African Americans, Latinos/Latinx, Asians, Non-Native English speakers, indigent, homeless persons, college students, children under five years of age, men ages 18-49, the elderly, persons displaced by natural disasters, persons who are incarcerated, and members of the LGBTQ community. It is important to educate the public that participating in the Census is a matter of civic responsibility.

Grant Goals
1. Educate the public;
2. Encourage participation;
3. Establish presence on social media;
4. Promote Census 2020 job fairs;
5. Conduct community specific activities through Local Complete Count Committees (LCCC);
6. Create multi-media activities;
7. Increase the number of public information forums;
8. Participate in community events to promote and bring awareness to the census;
9. Establish Community Census Support Centers.

The County of Atlantic is seeking a small group of volunteers to serve on a committee to develop an Atlantic County application for submittal.

Time is of the essence with a grant submittal deadline of October 31, 2019.

Interested in serving on the committee? Please contact Robert B. Lindaw Jr. or Anthony Esochaghi, from the Atlantic County Department of Regional Planning and Development at (609) 645-5898.

Job Opportunity - Special Law Enforcement Officer
The Northfield Police Department is hiring for the position of Special Law Enforcement Officer. Please see the link below for further information.
The City of Northfield is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Application and Requirement Information

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) and the City of Northfield are working together to improve recycling in Northfield and are kicking off a new initiative in your neighborhood.

ACUA’s recycling guidelines have recently been modified due to global changes in recycling markets. Recycling programs across the country are challenged to improve the quality of recycling to meet more stringent requirements from the companies that purchase recycling to make new products.

Many people want to do the right thing, but don’t always know what should be included in their recycling, and this program is intended to help people understand what should and shouldn’t be recycled.

Trained volunteers working under the supervision of ACUA employees and Northfield Public Works staff will be visiting your neighborhood over the coming weeks on your recycling day. Staff and volunteers will visually inspect recycling carts before collection and provide feedback to residents using tags that identify common contaminants.

On your recycling day, small teams of staff and volunteers will be on the street prior to recycling pickup. They will not be sorting through your recycling but will simply look into the recycling bucket or will lift the lid of the recycling cart, to inspect what is visible on the surface. Based on what they see, they will mark a tag and attach it to the bucket or cart to provide feedback to residents. Data from each home will be recorded.

The goals of the inspection program are to identify some of the most common recycling mistakes and contaminants, to measure the effectiveness of informational “tags” on recycling behavior changes and to provide information and feedback to residents.

Residents will not be fined for mistakes, and your recycling will be collected as usual. This initiative is intended to provide information and to improve recycling. We hope the information provided is helpful and thank you for your participation.
Click Here to View 'Oops' Tag
Click Here for More Information on Recycling

Using grant funding provided through the NJ Clean Communities Entitlement Program, the City of Northfield is pleased to announce an organized pick up event that will allow residents to place household renovation debris, to include doors, windows, fencing, cabinets, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, scrap wood, etc. out for collection on their regular trash day Octobr 21st through October 25th only. The next scheduled household renovation debris collection will be in spring 2020.

This program is not open to contractors; contractors doing work on residential homes are responsible for removing and disposing of construction debris and/or trade waste at their expense.

Residents are asked to adhere to the following guidelines:

• Separate these items from your regular trash
• Each household will have a 3 item or can limit (in addition to your regular trash)
• Cans cannot be larger than 40 gallons; 50 pound weight limit for cans or individual items
• No hazardous materials, such as paint, solvents, pool chemicals, flammable liquids, etc.
• Broken glass or items with sharp or jagged edges shall be placed in a secure container to facilitate safe loading
If you have questions or concerns please contact the ACUA at 272-6950, or the City Clerk’s Office at 641-2832 x 125.

The ACUA has announced that they recently installed a shredded paper drop-off container at their Egg Harbor Township Environmental Park for residents to recycle their shredded material.

Shredded paper cannot be collected curbside because it is too small to be processed at the ACUA sorting facility, and bags of the material are often torn or damaged during collection, releasing small pieces of paper that cannot be collected.

When collected separately in the specially designated bin, the shredded paper is contained and can be baled for recycling.

Information on drop-off is available on their website using the link provided here.
Click Here for Link

The Atlantic County Board of Elections is looking for registered voters in Atlantic County to work the polls on election days - are you interested? Check this out!
Click here for more information

Warning: Telemarketing Scam - Social Security
Please see the attached letter from County Executive Dennis Levinson regarding a telemarketing scam targeting senior citizens.

Please be reminded not to provide your Social Security number, name, address, date of birth, bank accounts, etc. to an unsolicited caller.
Click here for Letter from County Executive Levinson

Whether you’ve fallen behind or are struggling to make your payments each month, you can absolutely benefit from meeting with
a HUD-certified housing counselor. Meet one-on-one and explore foreclosure prevention programs to help you find the solution
that is BEST for you. Depending on your situation, your counselor may be able to help you negotiate a more affordable mortgage
payment. Don’t wait. If you need help with your mortgage, call a HUD-certified housing counselor that operates in your home
county and get help today.
Click here for more information

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