Northfield Police Department

Northfield Police PatchThe Northfield Police Department was created by municipal ordinance in 1925 in accordance with New Jersey State Law.  At its inception the department consisted of two officers, and when they were unavailable police duties were performed by the New Jersey State Police.   Over the decades that have since passed, the Northfield Police Department has expanded to provide full-time law enforcement services to the community.  The department consists of sworn police officers, clerical support personnel, and uniformed adult school crossing guards.

The most highly visible component of the department is the Uniformed Patrol Division.  On duty 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, they provide proactive law enforcement services for traffic and criminal offenses. The Administrative Division consists of several bureaus, including the Detective Bureau, which is responsible for the investigation of criminal offenses against person and property, the Records Bureau, which maintains all department records, and School Crossing Guards, who provide a safe environment for children to move to and from the Northfield Community School.

In July of 2011, Northfield entered into a groundbreaking agreement with the neighboring community of Linwood to share the services of our Chief of Police with their town.

The following members of the Northfield Police Department have retired from active duty after having served this city with honor and integrity:

Name Year of Hire Year of Retirement
Chief John Wilson +  1927 1929
Ptlm. Michael Banning  1929 1946
Ptlm. Harry Gant  1934 1959
Chief William “Bud” Lever  1929 1961
Chief Howard Chambers  1944 1970
DSG. Edward Woltman  1968 1979
Chief Edwin L. Kroger 1956 1983
Chief Thomas Wolcott  1959 1984
Lt. Frank M. Silipigni  1964 1985
Sgt. Robert Webb  1965 1985
Chief Robert Shaw  1961 1987
Sgt. Lewis Cullen  1964 1989
Sgt. Ronald Cordery 1965 1992
Det. Charles J. Faisst, Sr.  1978 1995
Chief John A. Surace  1969 1996
Det. John Batchelder 1992 1996
Chief Raymond T. Seyler  1967 1998
K-9 Ptlm. Frederick R. Steinman 1985 1998
Sgt. John R. Hafner  1974 2000
Sgt. Ronald M. Cullen  1973 2002
Capt. John L. Glasser  1977 2002
Lt. William J. O’Donnell  1978 2003
Sgt. Walter P. Grizky  1978 2003
Sgt. Edward D. Newman  1978 2003
Sgt. William Stephens 1987 2005
Ptlm. E. Michael Trimble 1978 2007
Lt. Robert Carty 1987 2007
Sgt. Robert Bergmeister 1989 2007
Capt. George R. Clark 1985 2010
Capt. Arthur J. Faden 1988 2013

+ Died in the line of duty


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